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Why Choose Us

Our programs are established based on the principles that learning is most effective in classes small enough to allow for highly attentive teaching.

We believe students strive to learn when grouped into small classes with

similar academic abilities.

Our classes are constructed with no more than 5 students per class.

There are no shortcuts to success in learning. However, we hold great values that promoting a student-directed learning environment can encourage students to discover their potential in performing beyond standard achievements.  As initiated by the Australian Professional Standards for teachers, we believe that educators have the responsibility to know their students to understand how they learn.

To promote this, we deliver our solid curriculum through detailed attention and care for their learning development.

If you're looking for true leaders who constantly strive to make improvements in your child's grades, this is the place for you and your child!

With the experience of teaching thousands of children for many years,

Miracle Maker will be a reliable helper for parents who seek the best solution

for their children together.

Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students”




  • UNSW Graduate with Bachelors of English Education

  • Macquarie University Graduate with Masters in Linguistics

  • Co-author of an educational book ‘Ultimate Coach 5’

  • Teaching experience with Primary to Secondary students over 15 years

  • Successfully engaged matriculation over 200 students on Top Selective and Private High school

  • Previous Secondary school teacher in Korea

  • Current Head administrator of the Australia branch for Multiple Intelligence Aptitude Test & Research Centre (MIAT)


Screenshot_20230801_192015 (1).jpg




  • Studying Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education at Macquarie

  • Achieved High band result in Advanced English

  • Teaching experience with Primary to High school students over 4 years

  • Extensive expertise in English Literacy and Writing





  • Studying Bachelor of Psychology at Macquarie University

  • Achieved high bands in Advanced English and Extension 1 Mathematics

  • Teaching experience with Primary to high school students over 5 years

  • Extensive expertise in English and Mathematics focusing on Opportunity Class and Selective School Tests


WhatsApp Image 2023-05-02 at 4.44_edited.png




  • Studying Bachelor of Medical Studies, Doctor of Medicine at UNSW

  • Achieved ATAR 99.95 Equivalent in HSC

  • Achieved All Island Second Best Across 5 AS Level Subjects Cambridge Academic Achievement Award

  • Academic teaching experience with HSC and Top Selective students



photo _edited_edited.png



  • Studying Bachelor of Medical Science, Major in Microbiology at Sydney University

  • Achieved ATAR 98.95 in HSC

  • Received high scores in Cambridge GCE and A levels

  • High Distinction in ICAS Science and Maths

  • Extensive expertise in Phonics and Creative Writing





  • Studying Bachelors of Commerce and Science at UNSW

  • Achieved 93.05 ATAR in HSC

  • Received high band result in Advanced English

  • School Vice Captain for 2 years

  • Extensive expertise in Novel Studies and Creative Writing



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