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Tutoring Session

1:1 Private Tutoring

We individually match your child based on their personality and

learning needs with one of our friendly teachers.

Every child is unique and every child learns in their own unique way.

So, we use a personalised approach that allows your child to learn at their own speed - moving ahead in areas they excel at whilst giving the areas they're struggling with the focus they deserve.



• Struggling? We will work to fill in the gaps in your child’s learning.

• Lacking Motivation? Spark interest and passion for your child’s education.

• Pushing Forward? Excel and accelerate your child’s academic


This 1:1 tailored program designed for your child’s personal learning needs and goals, we aim to build confidence and consolidate their knowledge.

 Course Structure

• We provide regular feedback after each session to help you monitor your

   child’s learning progress

• Lesson hours and frequency are discussed upon consultation

1대1 개인지도

학생의 성향과 목표를 파악하고 학생 개인의 강점과 약점을 분석하여

단계별 계획과 학습목표를세워, 나한테 맞는 맞춤관리가 가능한 섬세한 수업.

단순 공부만 배우는것이 아닌, 앞으로의 미래계획, 진로설계등 티칭과 코칭을 한번에!


평소 더 추가설명이 필요했거나 평소 어려웠던 부분 & 집중적으로 배워보고 싶은 영역을 콕 집어 이해가 될때까지 설명.

신규생은 1:1 레벨테스트 진단후 과목 및 시간 결정



주 1-2회 120분씩 10주 과정, 담당 선생님과 개별적으로 상의

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